About InterQuix

David – President: David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Small Business Management from Cal Poly, Pomona. For six years he worked in a corporate environment, in the waste management field. His position, though technically applicable to the environmental field, re-exposed him to the ever-changing world of computer technologies. He built an extensive, custom database to track information gathered on thousands of individual projects. There began his passion for computers. The passion only grew, and soon he became the ‘goto’ person for almost all computer troubles within his reach.

While at his previous position, he consulted for small businesses and individuals – and gained the necessary experience in networking, troubleshooting, upgrading and repairing many different configurations.

Now, with almost four years in business, David's experience has blossomed. He has worked on hundreds of different systems, and has installed numerous networks, internet connections, servers, new systems, custom databases, custom websites, etc.

Sheree: Sheree holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. Her experience in the financial and accounting field spans more than 10 years, mostly in small to medium sized businesses, including start-up companies.

She also has practical experience in spreadsheet and macro programming applications, and database implementation.

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