About InterQuix

InterQuix is a small business that specializes in servicing the computing needs of other small business in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to provide the highest quality services and products to your business, and maintain the level of integrity by which we have always done business.

The name InterQuix is derived from two phrases – ‘inter’ and ‘quixotic’ (kwik-sät’ik).

‘Inter’ having a double meaning for both ‘Internet,’ as well as ‘together, or mutual.’ The emphasis is intended to stress the importance of the relationships we have with our customers.

‘Quix’ also has a double meaning. Quixotic in our interpretation of the definition means ‘idealistic and visionary.’ A little bit of idealism and vision is necessary to create a new consulting business… But, the term also alludes to our ability to support your computing needs quickly and efficiently.

Comments or questions? Please contact InterQuix at 510.797.7849 or E-mail to info@interquix.com
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